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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Telegraph: Northern Rock to be Sold

by Calculated Risk on 9/15/2007 09:14:00 PM

From the Telegraph: Angry savers force Northern Rock to be sold (hat tip FFDIC)

Northern Rock, the crisis-hit bank under siege from thousands of its customers, was preparing itself last night for a sell-off, The Sunday Telegraph can reveal.

One plan being worked on by City bankers was to divide the company's £100 billion mortgage portfolio between the other major banks, in what would amount to a private-sector rescue of the lender.
And The Times: Bankers fear £12bn run on Rock (hat tip Barley)
NORTHERN ROCK, the mortgage bank rescued by the Bank of England last week, could see as much as £12 billion - nearly half of its deposits - withdrawn by worried savers, experts say.
Senior executives at Northern Rock spent yesterday at its New-castle head office monitoring events, but the lender is seen to have little future as an independent entity. It held talks about a possible takeover by Lloyds TSB before the crisis and is expected to be sold off cheaply to a rival.
The Guardian reports: Fears grow for British economy as panic over Northern Rock spreads
US Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson flies in to London tomorrow to discuss the worsening global credit crisis with Chancellor Alistair Darling, as fears intensify that the lending squeeze could be the last straw for Britain's buy-now-pay-later economy.