Monday, August 13, 2007

Fed: Loan Officers Report Tighter Lending Standards for July

by Calculated Risk on 8/13/2007 02:21:00 PM

From the Fed: The July 2007 Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey
on Bank Lending Practices

Commercial Real Estate Lending

Lending standards for commercial real estate loans were reportedly tightened further over the past three months: About one-fourth of domestic institutions—a slightly smaller net fraction than in the previous survey—and about 40 percent of foreign institutions indicated that they had tightened lending standards on commercial real estate loans in the July survey. Regarding demand, approximately one-fourth of domestic and foreign institutions reported that demand for commercial real estate loans had weakened over the past three months.
Fed Survey CRE Loan Demand vs. Non-Residential Structure Investment Click on graph for larger image.

Graph added. This graph shows loan demand for CRE, as reported in the Fed's Senior Loan Officer survey, and year-over-year investment in non-residential structures from the GDP report.

This suggests that CRE investment will probably slow in the coming year.

Update: The loan survey showed tightening standards and falling demand in most categories: Commercial & Industrial loans (C&I), commercial real estate loans (CRE), household mortgages including prime loans, and other consumer loans. The one exception was for credit card loans with slightly looser standards.