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Monday, July 30, 2007

Marginal Credit Tightening

by Tanta on 7/30/2007 08:07:00 AM

From Financial Times:

Investment banks are responding to rising credit concerns by imposing tougher lending terms on hedge funds, in a move that threatens to exacerbate investor unease in the financial markets.

Prime brokerage departments at several investment banks have raised their margin requirements for certain hedge fund clients as they seek to insure themselves against the possibility of new hedge fund collapses as a result of the recent market turmoil.

“Financing terms for hedge funds are being tightened and this is forcing a further deleveraging of risk across global markets,” said Gerald Lucas, senior investment adviser at Deutsche Bank.

One prime broker said his bank had started examining its lending criteria in the wake of the much publicised problems at two hedge funds run by Bear Stearns.

“Recently we have broadened our stricter standards to funds beyond those with exposure to US mortgage market. I’d say this is now a pretty broad-based retreat from leverage.”
Now, if they just get rid of that "stated returns" product. . . .