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Monday, June 18, 2007

Truth-Seekers Are Always Misunderstood

by Tanta on 6/18/2007 04:34:00 PM

Hey! Calculated Risk got an honorable mention by the Associated Press, for which we apparently have Barry Ritholtz to thank (don't worry, Barry, I don't think this is your fault). Here we are:

Calculated Risk -- A philosophical blog on finance and economics. No stock tips or fancy charts -- just an anonymous business executive seeking the truth about the market. Some of it is worrisome, and blunt. Investment banks have been selling the riskiest slices of debt to pension funds, he says, which are entrusted with providing for the retirement of public workers. He calls these debt offerings, called unrated collateralized debt obligations "a pig of a pig, distilled essence of pig, ur-pig, Total Ultimate X-Treme Mega Pig" and says that buying them is "playing with matches."

"No fancy charts?" What does it take to get recognition for CR's excellent and legendary charts? Animated recession bars?

We will pass over in silence the true authorship of the cascade of pig jokes. Ahem.

We may now resume being philosophical.