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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Brookstreet Update III: The Marks Speak

by Tanta on 6/30/2007 10:46:00 AM

No, no, not the marks to market. The marks to whom Brookstreet sold inverse floaters, according to the OC Register:

"Those investments are pretty involved and sophisticated," said Wayne Willer, a Brookstreet client in Galena, Ill. "And I probably got involved in something I shouldn't have."
"I have no idea what this stuff is," said H.H. Hartmann, a southern Illinois resident who invested $150,000 in Brookstreet CMOs. Nonetheless, when Brookstreet sent him a two-page list of warnings about CMOs this spring, he did what the brokerage asked: He initialed each disclosure and mailed it back.
"(Brokers) kept telling me 'You're going to make money,' " said Gary Stephens, a Brookstreet investor in Missouri. When his monthly statements showed his CMOs declining in value, Stephens said, brokers told him "there was more money there than the (statement) showed."

(risk capital, I'm not sure we can take any more of this today . . . but thanks . . .)