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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Return from Paradise

by Calculated Risk on 9/10/2005 12:25:00 PM

After a week without news, hopefully I return with a clear head and a fresh look at the world. But first a few photos of Yellowstone ...

Click on photos for larger image.

The Yellowstone river winds its way through the Hayden valley in early September.

The wildlife viewing was excellent. Herds of bison were ubiquitous. We encountered several bull elk herding their harems through the forest. We saw wolves in the Lamar Valley, Pronghorn antelope, moose, coyote, trumpeter swan, mule deer and more. Did I mention the Bison were everywhere?

Examining a large petrified Redwood tree stump on Specimen Ridge.

This tree was buried some 50 million years ago by volcanic deposits and mudflows during a volcanic eruption. There are two smaller petrified Redwood trees just below the large Redwood (one in the bright sun, one in the shade). The view and the numerous specimens on the ridge (hence the name) made the steep climb worth the effort.

This Great Gray Owl greeted us on a short walk to the Natural Bridge (a small natural arch near Lake Yellowstone).

The park is incredible. The burn areas from the '88 fire are filling in with new growth and many of the young Lodgepole Pines, in the better growing areas, are 10 to 15 feet tall. I heartily recommend a September visit to Yellowstone.

Best to all and its great to be home!