Friday, May 08, 2015

Lawler: More Builder Results (updated table)

by Bill McBride on 5/08/2015 04:36:00 PM

Housing economist Tom Lawler sent me this updated table of builder results for Q1.

For these nine builders, net orders were up 20.3% year-over-year.  Although cancellations are handled differently, this is about the same year-over-year increase for Q1 as for New Home sales as reported by the Census Bureau.

The average closing price is only up slightly this year following a sharp increase in 2014.

From Tom Lawler:

Below is a table with some summary statistics for nine large publicly-traded home builders for the first calendar quarter of 2015. While results varied across builders, the general themes were significantly higher unit sales, but lower home building margins, relative to the comparable quarter of 2014.

Net orders per community for these combined nine builders combined were up 13.2% YOY, and their combined order backlog at the end of March was up 14.8% from last March.

  Net OrdersSettlementsAverage Closing Price
Qtr. Ended:3/153/14% Chg3/153/14% Chg3/153/14% Chg
D.R. Horton11,1358,56929.9%8,2436,19433.1%$281,305271,2303.7%
The Ryland Group2,3892,1869.3%1,4631,470-0.5%$343,000327,0004.9%
Beazer Homes1,6981,39022.2%936977-4.2%$305,800272,40012.3%
Standard Pacific1,5711,31119.8%972995-2.3%$528,000483,0009.3%
Meritage Homes1,9791,52529.8%1,3351,10920.4%$387,000366,0005.7%
MDC Holdings1,5931,23628.9%9098734.1%$414,800364,90013.7%
M/I Homes1,10898212.8%717732-2.0%$325,000299,0008.7%