Saturday, May 10, 2014

Unofficial Problem Bank list unchanged at 509 Institutions

by Bill McBride on 5/10/2014 07:09:00 AM

This is an unofficial list of Problem Banks compiled only from public sources.

Here is the unofficial problem bank list for May 9, 2014.

Changes and comments from surferdude808:

Very unusual week for the Unofficial Problem Bank List as there are no changes to report. So the total remains at 509 institutions with assets of $163.3 billion.

While activity slows between the end of the month update of the FDIC and the mid-month update of the OCC, there normally is a news report of an action termination or an exit through merger or failure to report. This is only the fifth week since the publication of the list that no changes have occurred with the last being the week ending November 23, 2012.

Next Friday, the OCC should release an update on its recent actions. By the end of the month, along with a release on its recent enforcement action activity, the FDIC should release Q1 industry results and updated Official Problem Bank figures. It has been ten weeks since the last release of the official figures and the difference between the unofficial (then 566, now 502) and official lists (467) has been reduced from 99 to 42 institutions.